15+ years.
50+ principals.
1,000+ products.

PT Ekacitta Dian Persada was founded in October 1996 and has been developing a long time partnership for mutual benefit with numerous reputable principals in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia.

The company always consider a continuous improvement in quality of human resources, as it is very important to serve and maintain successful client relationship to fulfil the demand of our customers.

It is necessary to meet the market demands and create a nice synergy of our product range combination in front of customers, since we have learned that customers always expect more new products as well as information about the market trend in other countries.

Along with our progressive development, we are addressing new markets and looking for other business opportunities, in order to help our customers win in today’s global market competition.

This means that we are always ready to meet not only the existing market needs, but also the future market. We look forward to establishing a mutual profitable business partnership with principals as well as customers.

Our company has been working as an agent and importer for:

  • Food Ingredients and Flavors
  • Pastry and Bakery Ingredients
  • Personal Care Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Ingredients
  • Water Treatment and Filtration

We distribute them into our industrial customers throughout the country.

Our Dynamic Vision

To be the best long term business partner for principals and customers, in the field of ingredients for pharmaceutical, food & beverages, personal care, cake & pastry, and other related industries.

Company Mission

As a dynamic business organization, we always work hard to be the most successful company after more than 15 years in getting along with principals and customers, through nice and excellent business partnership, in order to provide current needs and future demands for processing industrial customers on health and safe ingredients, and pay respect to the green environment of our world.


Our commitment in the business of industrial market are dedicated through our current offices in six different main cities of Indonesia.

Our coverage to fulfil the current demand and develop the future need of our customers, are being supported by solid management and highly qualified staff, modern inventory warehouse, well-equipped laboratory for formulation trial, and last but not least, connected with an integrated computerized system.

Ekacitta Synergy

Synergy and International & Nationwide Link

Bringing this geographical condition into consideration, distribution has become a great challenge to any distribution company. A distribution company not only link the producer to its markets, but also assumes all of the business risks associated with the delivery of the products into the market, their timely arrival, and the collection of payment from the multitude customers.

Moreover, as vastly diverse and expansive “industrial customers” spread out in various locations in Indonesia, where people speak different native languages, exhibit different tastes, and adhere to different cultures from one region to another, a producer will certainly need more than only distribution services. There is no doubt that having a reliable agent to introduce and promote products into prospects, as well as to represent the interest of the producers in the market is badly needed.

It is for above reasons that PT Ekacitta Dian Persada has been called to answer the challenge. We have been in business for years, and our company combines sound management practices with solid financial foundation to provide reliable services and timely payments to our principals.